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Season of 2015

Season of 2015

Well with spring and summer right around the bend our pressure washing services will be in high demand once again.So how does one choose which power wash company to go with? I always tell my new potential customers to always ask for proof of insurance.There seems to be so many fly by night people with no insurance out there doing so much damage with a power washer. I run into this problem daily and am sometimes amazed that they were even hired for some of these projects.Another good thing to protect the home owner is to always ask the person they are going to hire for power washing what is there procedure on cleaning there home.Always ask if they will be using full pressure or is it a softwash system that they will be using.Always find out if they know there chemical ratio so they will not kill plants.We have gotten a great amount of work off of 30-A because we have earned the reputation as a company that will not be killing plants. There defiantly is a science in the mix. I hope that all future clients have read and understand that not all pressure washing companys are the same.I always say ask questions then choose wisely.

Shane Mckinney

Owner: Oasis Power Wash Inc.

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