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Pressure washing the exterior of a home is the most valuable thing a person could do to preserve there most valuable asset.

The process utilizes environmentally safe chemicals and will not harm pets, plants or grass areas. Power washing removes mildew, mold and ground-in dirt that may be caused by acid rain.

  • Houses: Power washing your house will give it a bright, clean look, as if it were newly painted or vinyl sided. The process will remove built-up dirt, mildew, mold, and streaking that can be caused by acid rain or rotten, molding plant material.

  • Decks: Power washing your deck opens the wood grain for deep penetration of the deck stains or wood preservative. It will remove discoloration, stains, mold, mildew and old peeling paint.

  • Patios and Walkways: Restore the natural beauty of your stonework. Make your patio look like new again and feel confident when entertaining.

  • Driveways: Your driveway takes a lot of beating - road dirt, sand, mud, oil and grease can be brought into the driveway from the tires on your car. Clean this mess up by having us remove  the grease, stains and finally power washing !!!


For the past 13 years Oasis Power Wash Inc. has been offering a pressure washing service with the highest standard of quality in the industry. Our company has a genuine interest in our customers and how they appear to their customers.


First impressions are important to a customer. While we understand that the product itself is what they are most interested in, the clean and neat appearance of the location will only add to the enjoyment of their visit.
The first thing your customers see is the walkway and the building. We offer you the opportunity to show your customers your interest in the appearance of your business.

Oasis Power Wash Inc. would like to give you a free, no obligation demonstration at your place of business.

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Fleet wash

    Trucks are moving advertiements for your company. If they're thick with dirt, grey from exhaust and coated with flaky bug bodies, your business will project an image of sloppiness. Pressure washing for trucks is a safety issue, as well. Clean trucks are more visble to other cars, and they're also much easier to maintain properly, as grime can often conceal leaks or other mechanical problems until it's too late.

   Pressure washing for commercial buildings,trucks,rail cars and construction equipment can benefit your company in various ways. Most notably, it can boost the image of your business by giving you a good, clean leg to stand on. So when your're planning a strategy for improving your company's position within the economy, make a resolution that is easy to achieve, environmentally friendly, and reliable: regular power washing.

Dumpster pads

Dumpster pad cleaning is very important and if overlooked can cause environmental and health issues. Regular pressure washing of your dumpster pad in Walton- Bay county is highly recommended to prevent issues such as rodent / insect infestations, bacteria growth, foul odors and slip and fall accidents that can be caused from grease and other slippery substances commonly found in dumpster pad areas. Our pressure washing service includes degreasing, deodorizing and sanitizing your dumpster pad, exterior dumpster container and dumpster pad walls. Call Oasis Power Wash Pros today to eliminate and prevent hazards around your dumpster pad in the Pandhandle of FL. Walton - Bay County

Roof Cleaning

Graffiti removal

​Rust removal


Hydraulic Spills

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